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Boise Fertility Law, PLLC

In partnership with Building Blocks Agency and Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine, Boise Fertility Law works closely to provide various legal services in 3rd party assisted reproduction.

Services offered include:

Owners / Members:

Paul Slater, MD, JD:

After completing his undergraduate education at Stanford University, Paul went on to receive both his MD degree and his JD degree from the University of Utah. Paul began his legal career in Southern California, where he spent seven years as a litigation attorney specializing in medical malpractice defense.

He has represented numerous hospitals, healthcare organizations, physicians, and other healthcare providers in claims alleging medical malpractice, with a special emphasis on claims involving obstetrical and neonatal injuries.

Since moving to Idaho, Paul has limited his professional practice to serving as general legal counsel to ICRM and as a clinical trials coordinator at ICRM. In 2022, Paul and Kim co-founded Boise Fertility Law to provide a broad range of legal services in the field of third-party reproduction.

Kimberly Tobler, JD:

Kimberly completed her undergraduate and law school education at the University of Washington and received her LL.M. in Taxation from Georgetown University.

Subsequently, Kimberly’s practice focused on corporate, municipal, tax, trusts, and estates law. Kimberly later diverged her practice to include family law, specifically assisted reproductive technology law, and started Boise Fertility Law, PLLC, with her partner, Paul Slater.

Kimberly and Paul focus entirely on representing families on surrogacy, embryo donation, egg and sperm donation, and second-parent adoption. Kimberly lives in Boise with her husband and four children.