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Surrogacy Can Make a Family Possible

Partnering with a surrogate to carry your future child can make your family a reality. At Building Blocks Agency, we understand that having a child through surrogacy can seem like an overwhelming process. That is why we ensure that our parents are fully supported during the entire surrogacy journey.

Surrogates recruited by BBA are compassionate and dedicated women who want to help others achieve the gift of a family. The bond between surrogates and parents is extraordinary and often lasts a lifetime.

If carrying a pregnancy is not an option, surrogacy is the closest experience to being there for all aspects of the baby’s development. Our agency’s priority is to create a surrogacy journey and experience that will meet your family’s needs and make your dream of having a family come true.

Surrogacy Services


Meet with one of our experienced staff members to go over the entire process of surrogacy. We’ll explain everything, go over important paperwork, and outline how the arrangement works legally, financially, and biologically.

Surrogate & Parent Matching

Building Blocks Agency will match intended parents to potential surrogates based on their preferences. Every surrogate that works with Building Blocks has been medically and psychologically pre-screened with our fertility medicine partner, ICRM.

Complete Case Management

From executing legal agreements and coordinating escrow payments to educating and supporting parents and surrogates, Building Blocks Agency is there every step of the way. Our complete case management services support parents and surrogates before, during, and after the journey.

The Surrogacy Journey

Process and Steps for Intended Parents

The road to parenthood through surrogacy begins with a consultation with one of BBA’s staff members, followed by intake paperwork, receipt of relevant documentation, and agency fees. Based upon individual preferences, BBA will then coordinate an introduction meeting between the intended parents and a surrogate for a potential match.

Every surrogate with Building Blocks Agency is fully pre-screened with our medical partner, ICRM. 

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What makes Building Blocks Agency different from other surrogacy and embryo donation agencies?

Thanks to our medical partnership with ICRM, BBA is uniquely positioned to medically and psychologically screen all surrogates that contract with our agency before matching them with Intended Parents, ensuring a streamlined surrogacy journey.

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Any intended parent or couple that needs the help of a gestational carrier is a potential candidate.

Since all gestational carriers (GC) contracting with BBA are pre-screened before matching, intended parents are responsible for reimbursement of BBA for all associated pre-screening costs, which include background checks, medical and psychological evaluations, travel expenses, health insurance policy evaluations, and any lab work or procedures necessary for medical clearance. Estimated cost: $5,000-$6,000.

GC Compensation for a typical surrogacy journey ranges from approximately $50,000 to $60,000, depending on the surrogate’s experience.

Additional required services and fees include legal services (Intended Parent-GC Agreement, parentage process), establishment of an escrow account for GC expenses, health insurance, life insurance, and all medical costs related to pregnancy and childbirth not covered by the GC’s health insurance policy. Estimated cost: $45,000.

The time it takes to complete the matching process through BBA depends on whether there are available surrogates who have already completed their full screening and are ready to be matched.

Since all GCs go through their full screening up-front, they may be anywhere in the screening process. Once they are fully cleared, matching can commence immediately. The complete pre-screening process typically takes two to three months.