Why Us

What makes

Building Blocks Agency different from other surrogacy and embryo donation agencies?

Thanks to our partnership with the Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine (ICRM), our medical and legal expertise, and personal experience with assisted reproductive technology, the Building Blocks Agency (BBA) team is uniquely positioned to help you grow your family and ensure a streamlined surrogacy or embryo donation journey.

At BBA, we aim to keep agency fees to a minimum while maintaining high-quality, personalized concierge service.

Whether you are seeking to grow your family through surrogacy or embryo donation, BBA handles the entire matching process and coordination to ensure that your experience is worry-free.

Six Reasons Why You Should Choose BBA

Partnership with ICRM

BBA is the only agency directly partnered with ICRM, Idaho’s leading, full-service fertility clinic. ICRM is a strong, reputable, and beloved clinic with some of the highest pregnancy success rates in the country.

Rest assured that this partnership ensures you receive top-quality patient care and services.

Our Priority is You

With BBA, you are our top priority! You can expect affordable, concierge-style services throughout your surrogacy or embryo donation journey.

Additionally, all our team members are easily accessible by email or phone and respond to inquiries promptly to ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible.

Professional Experience

From our in-house attorneys specializing in fertility law services to our on-staff trained embryologist and our partners at ICRM, the BBA team has what it takes to help you successfully grow your family. Our professional experience ensures no detail is overlooked as we help bring your dream of growing a family to life.

Guaranteed Match

All surrogates are medically and psychologically pre-screened and undergo a criminal background check and in-home inspection. This allows BBA to offer a guaranteed streamlined match for intended parents according to their specifications.

Legal Expertise

Boise Fertility Law, in partnership with BBA and ICRM, provides an array of legal services associated with your journey, including:

Meeting Your Needs

Whether you seek a surrogacy or embryo donation journey, the compassionate team at BBA will help you build your family and make the process as seamless and worry-free as possible.


To help make your dreams of building a family come true!

Regular Prices

Surrogacy Agency Fee for Intended Parents:
Domestic - $13,500
International - $16,500

Embryo Donation Fees for Recipients:

Special Price for ICRM Patients

Compassionate-track pricing is offered for embryo donation cases, as instructed by the physicians at ICRM.

Additional Fees

In the event of failed transfers from the initial group of adopted embryos, re-access to the electronic embryo database will be $300, with additional fees if patients opt for Known embryo donation.